Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQs

You may read through some frequently asked questions about Pay Per Click.

1. What kind of Results(ROI) Can I expect from Pay Per Click program?
Typical return rates range between 2 to 10 times of the marketing budget. So you may end up earning a dollar for ever 50 cents spent or could be sometimes as high as a dollar for 10 cents spent! The ROI is subject to your market conditions, pricing and ofcourse your follow-up and sales skills.

They key advantage with AdWords is that it significantly reduces the cost of new customer acquisition. When the AdWords customer repeats business with you, you start making much more on the customer with no marketing cost to you.

2. What is my campaign cost ?
Your PPC campaign cost = Your marketing budget (set with Google) + $99/mo. (our campaign management fees)

We do charge a one-time setup fee of $100. Against the setup fee, each new account gets a Free $100 credit on your Google AdWords account so in effect you only pay $99/mo.

Note: You do not have to pay your marketing budget upfront. With Google's post-paid billing system, by the time who have to pay Google, you would already have seen new business come in and revenue generation would have started. This really helps avoid any cash flow issues.

3. What is included in the campaign management?
Our monthly campaign management fee of $99/mo. includes writing Ad copy, choosing the right keywords, working with you to manage changes/making updates to the campaign, regularly checking the campaign to ensure timely budget consumption and optimum results and also provide you with monthly reports. Our professional campaign management ensures that your Google marketing budget is spent in the right direction and you get the maximum number of jobs out of it. All of this at just $99/mo.

4. Why should I consider hiring a consultant to manage Pay Per Click?
A Pay Per Click campaign with lack of proper management means wasted marketing dollars and lost opportunity. Google/Bing and other Pay Per Click programs appear simple to run and with little knowledge. But the fact is that there is so much to read about to manage a campaign effectively that it is not worth your time. Also continous monitoring is required on the campaign to get consistent results. To avoid having to self-learn and keep up with the technical details of running the campaign, it is best to hire a consultant with relevant market experience and who can help you manage your campaign effectively.

5. How do I measure ROI? Do you provide reporting for the Ad Spend on Adwords?
Yes, we offer reports on monthly basis.

6. I am managing my own PPC account and its not performing well. Can you help?
Yes. There could be a variety of reasons for lack of performance. Talk to us and we will help you figure out the problem areas and help you work on it towards getting a better ROI on your campaign

7. Pay Per Click is too expensive. Is SEO a better choice than Pay Per Click?
It may seem like Pay Per Click is expensive if the campaign itself is not setup correctly or the website lacks the sales appeal to turn visitors into leads. Consider talking to us and we can help you figure out the problem areas and work on it towards getting a better ROI on your campaign.

8. What if my competitors keep clicking on my Ad and wasting my budget?
Google has a fraud check mechanism in place that will stop showing Ads if it detects too many clicks or fraudulent activity from a particular computer address (IP address). Not just this, Google will even refund you for fraud clicks made on your account. So rest assured, several hundreds of thousands of businesses use AdWords and this concern has been well take care off by Google.

9. How much should I spend on PPC to get results?
Cost per click depends on the marketing competition, your website and your campaign historical performance. Please check with one of our consultants and they will be able to suggest a budget that is right for you.

10. Can I do both Search Engine Optimization(SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC)?
Yes. If you are looking for instant results we recommend starting with Pay Per Click(PPC) as SEO will only benefit you in the long term.

11. What is the difference between Clean Marketing Online and other Pay Per Click management firms in the market?
Each market segment is different so it takes a fair amount of trial and error method to figure out what works and what does not. When you hire someone who has not worked with Heaven's Best or carpet cleaning industry in specific, you may not get optimum results. Not only you loose the marketing fee  that you pay to the marketing firm but also loose your Google AdWords budget in trial and error with other companies. At Clean Marketing Online, we have been running campaigns for Heaven's Best for close to 4 years now. This means we have already figured out the ways and means to run an optimal campaign for carpet cleaning industry. So there is no scope of trial and error...we know it will work for you and yield faster results compared to any other marketing firm.

12. When does Google bill me?
Google uses a threshold billing policy to bill you. Each account starts with a threshold of $50. You are billed when you reach your threshold limit or 30 days whatever comes first. Each time you reach your threshold before 30 days your limit increases to the next threshold level. So if you consume $50 within 30 days, you are billed and your limit now becomes $200. The next level is $350 and next is $500. You can get more details on the billing policy here -

A High-Level Comparison Between SEO and PPC Program

SEO vs. PPC Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC)
How much do you want to spend?
Only fixed monthly fees. No cost Per Click. Higher than SEO. You pay per click.
What results and how fast do you want results?
Slower. You may see results in 3-6months or more subject to keyword competition and market competitiveness. Results can start to show up as soon as the campaign is started. It could be as fast as few days or few weeks or worst case in a month's time.
What kind of returns do you expect?
Low return initially. Moderate to High return in long term (9mo-1year). ROI starts only when site starts to rank in Top 10. A competitive market like Raleigh, NC with 4K+ searches/mo. may take a year for your site to rank in Top 10 Results. Typically yields very high ROI right from start. Gradually ROI gets even higher with repeat business coming in. (ROI may vary depending on market size, competition and your competitiveness).