Professional Google AdWords Management and Pay Per Click Services

Alliance Between Heaven's Best and Clean Marketing Online:

Recently Heaven's Best corporate office ( has teamed up with Clean Marketing Online ( to provide highly managed and high ROI generating Google Pay Per Click services for its entire family of operators.

At, we have worked with close to 30 Heaven's Best operators over the past 3-4 years helping them generate over 4,000 leads combined through our Google AdWords program till date. The first operator signed up with us back in Dec 2009 and since then close to 30 other operators have been using our services and growing year after year. Our marketing program does not achieve just traffic to your site but helps you get real jobs and business from the Internet.

Special Deal: Get $100 in AdWords Credit!

When you sign up as a new operator (and new AdWords account) you will get a $100 credit to your account. This offer is subject to Google policies and could change.

Google AdWords Overview:

Google AdWords is Google's Pay Per Click advertising product. It's a powerful and effective way to connect prospects searching for cleaning services online with your business. In simple terms, when a prospect does an online search for "carpet cleaning" and other relevant keywords, your Ad pops up. The prospect clicks on the Ad, gets to your website and decides to call you or email you for an estimate.

Consider the visual below to get a better idea about Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to generate new business and customers from the Internet. And fast could mean few days or few weeks depending on your market conditions.

Google AdWords almost makes this famous marketing statement obselete!

"I know i am wasting half of my marketing budget, just don't know which half"...NO MORE!

With AdWords, you can track, control and manage your budget very efficiently!

Message For New Operators:

For new Heaven's Best operators, Google AdWords is the fastest way to add new customers and increase your cash flow. The good thing with AdWords post-paid billing system is that by the time you see a marketing charge on your card from Google, you might already have your first customer. Its that fast! Of course different markets are different; but we have seen leads getting generated in as fast as few days and such response is not very unusual.

For Operators Who Have Already Tried AdWords and It Has not worked wonders for them...

Google AdWords appears to be do-it-yourself stuff...but the fact is exactly opposite. It takes 400-500 pages of literature to master AdWords! And on top of that, you need to keep yourself updated to manage an effective campaign. As a business owner, this is almost impossible! That is where most AdWords campaign fail when they are not optimized, monitored and updated regularly. For some business owners, who have managed to get a hold of AdWords face a challenge in converting visitors into jobs. This is where your website might be failing! So instead of taking a chance, its best to have a professional AdWords management company with relevant market experience like us to help manage your campaign for a nominal fee.

Our Fees

We charge a one-time setup fee of $100 and a flat $99/mo. fee to manage your AdWords campaign.

To know more about AdWords, click here. Have any questions? Feel free to Call us @ 888-682-7487.